Why Us

Science and technology

Our commitment to scientific research allows us to adapt to the latest technological shifts, while exploring new formulations and practices to continuously push our own innovative capacities. Our access to a skilled and experienced scientific pool lends us the autonomy and reliability in research and development aspects to explore cutting edge and novel methodologies to generate IP and produce products in a range of therapeutic areas.

Diversified Portfolio & Interests

Althea’s diversified interests make us an integrated healthcare and wellness company that give us an edge in offering end to end services that can cater to a wide range of client interests. From pre-clinical services to manufacturing, we offer our clients a holistic solution that overlooks the major phases in drug development and production. The management is on a continuous quest to identify investments and technologies in healthcare, AI and wellness

Partnership Driven

Althea’s unique position of being a partner driven company gives us the ability to harness the intellectual and technical power of some of the most innovative and revolutionary healthcare & wellness firms in the country. We believe our ability to combine our partners strengths and expertise across diverse segments in the industry renders us a unique footing in the healthcare and wellness space, driving innovation and technology in India.

Innovative Healthcare Products

Deriving strength from our strong scientific & technological capabilities, Althea has always worked towards adding innovation to definition of our name itself i.e. “HEALING”. Spanning from identification of key needs to effective & safe addressal, Althea today offers a broad & differentiated range of In-house developed products for therapeutic areas such as Immunity, Skin health, Organ health, Mental health, Metabolic disorders, Hair Biology & Lifestyle disorders. Differentiating us from the rest is the substantiated efficacy & safety of our products which signifies Knowledge, Capability & Integrity & has continuously motivated us on our determined path towards being a quality & innovative healthcare company.